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Charlie turns 3 Superhero Style

Growing up my mom would throw my brother and I the most epic birthday parties. When I say epic, I mean EPIC. We were never wealthy, we never had extravagant parties but what we did have was incredible themed birthday parties created out of pure love in our home. My mom always had a knack for being resourceful and thinking outside the box. She always figured out a way to stretch the dollar in order to create and design the most memorable birthdays. Our house would transform whenever we had a birthday party.


The most memorable birthday I’ve had to date was my Lion King themed birthday party. I think it was my 9th or 10th birthday. We lived in a two floor condo in Malton at the time and my mom converted our main floor into a Lion King Wonderland. I’ll never forget walking down those stairs on the morning of my birthday party and being in complete awe. The attention to detail, the creativity, no corner of that main floor was missed. She delivered on all fronts. The ribbons, the balloons, the wall decor, the table decor, my homemade Lion King cake, she did it all, by hand, and spent as little money possible.

I always knew when I had kids I would want to pass on the tradition of epic home made birthday parties. Charlie’s 1st Birthday was Carnival themed and I went over the top. I made party hats, paper rosettes, a sprinkle birthday cake, his bandana bib and so much more. We Had Sarah Monika Photography capture the day and she did an amazing job. If you ever need an amazing photographer I totally recommend her. Charlie’s 2nd Birthday Party was at a lovely play place in Vaughan called The Play Cube. Honestly, I did nothing hand made for this birthday and thats just the way life is sometimes and we gotta roll with the punches.

Charlie turns 3 Superhero Style

But enough reminiscing, let’s get to the point of this blog. Charlie has been fascinated with anything and everything Superhero for the last few months now. I’m talking jumping off the couch as though he’s Superman and pretending to climb walls like Spiderman obsessed. When the discussion about his birthday party came around, naturally Charlie said he wanted a Superhero Birthday Party. He also asked if every Superhero could attend including; Batman, Superman, The Hulk, Spiderman, Bat Girl etc etc.

DIY- Superhero backdrop

Being a single Mom, I couldn’t afford a play place and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to afford all the expensive Superhero themed decor available at party stores and online so here was my opportunity to throw an EPIC HANDMADE SUPERHERO BIRTHDAY PARTY! With the help of my mom we were able to put together such an inexpensive birthday party from a decor and food standpoint that I was able to splurge on the birthday cake and the very special appearance by Spiderman!

Thanks to the Rebel Mama’s recommendation I connected with Melissa from Cakes and Cupcakes by Melissa. After chatting about the style of cake I wanted for Charlie’s 3rd Birthday and sending her some inspo pics (thanks Pinterest) Melissa set out to create Charlie’s Cake. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but when I arrived to pick up the cake I was blown away! I could tell she put tons of time and love into creating the perfect cake for Charlie. The attention to detail, the design and size were everything I asked for and more. She’s also super nice and a local Toronto mom so it was a bonus supporting local business. If you are on the hunt for a cake I strongly recommend you get one from her, it was delicious and everyone raved about it at the party.

Charlie turns 3 Superhero Style
Charlie turns 3 Superhero Style

When Charlie started asking me to invite every Superhero to his birthday party, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to afford them all. I did however save up enough to have one Superhero attend, Charlie’s favourite, Spiderman. I did a bit a googling and contacted a few places, but it became evident very quickly that I was going to work together with The Superhero Company. Isabella and the team at The Superhero Company were so friendly and easy to work with, it was a huge stress off my shoulders. I can’t say enough great things about Spiderman. He went above and beyond to make sure the kids had a blast. He showed off his cool flips, the kids played Spiderman games, they got Spiderman tattoos, and even the shyest kids eventually warmed up to him. Spiderman gave each of Charlie’s friends a special gift and took the time to take photos with all of them before heading out on his next mission.

The Superhero Company caters to both girls and boys birthday parties so if you are thinking of having a Superhero themed Birthday contact them! Wanna know the best part? The Superhero Company was kind enough to give me a special discount code to share with you! If you contact them and book your party within the next month using the code CharleneVIP10 you will get 10% off! You can contact them via email or call them at 647-351-4376. Spiderman entertained the kids for an entire hour and the kids and parents all had a blast. I totally recommend them, not only because they were inexpensive but because the parents were messaging me days after telling me how awesome Spiderman was.

Charlie turns 3 Superhero Style

Charlie’s Birthday Party was a smashing success, haha see what I did there..ha.ha.ha.Smash, Hulk Smash, get it…


If you are interested in knowing how I created Charlie’s backdrop check out my blog, ‘DIY, Superhero backdrop’ to get step by step details and links on how I created the backdrop spending less than $35 bucks.


All this chatting about Charlie’s 3rd Birthday has me wondering what epic homemade Birthday Party I’ll have to create next year…but I probably shouldn’t get ahead of myself ’cause I’ll have to focus on Christmas first… bye for now!

Xo Charlene