Charlene Lizette

SISU Vitamins tricked my son

For the busy mom with the finicky or picky eater this one is for you.


If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Charlie you will know he is funny, wild, always on the go and ready to play. He’s a sweet, caring, thoughtful, confident little boy who is often super independent for his age. What you probably don’t know is that meal time in our house is sometimes an obstacle course full of  me begging “please sit down and eat your food”, “you only need 3 more bites”, “c’mon buddy food helps to keep your body strong so you can play” etc etc. It doesn’t matter if we are at a restaurant, a friends house or our own house. Eating in Charlie’s world is boring and not necessary, DUH, there’s clearly so many more cool things to do and discover in this world that are far more fun than sitting down to eat. That’s how Charlie sees it anyway. 

SISU Vitamins tricked my son

I on the other hand constantly stress about whether or not Charlie is eating enough, if he’s gotten the right amount of vegetables, beans, fruits, grains in his belly. I worry that his way of eating means he’s not taking in the right amount of minerals and vitamins he requires as a growing 3 year old. You see, I wouldn’t say Charlie is a picky kid, I’d say he’s a finicky kid when it comes to meal time. He likes things, well, when he likes them. He will eat foods like broccoli, brussel sprouts, beans and cauliflower, but only when he’s good and ready. The thing is, often times he isn’t good and ready, he just wants to play. This means my busy toddler sometimes eats his full portion of breakfast, lunch and dinner without any issues and other times not so much. Sometimes you’ll even find me running around behind him trying to get him to sit down or take a bite so he can get nutrient dense food in his belly. BTW, when that happens it turns into a full out family game with Willow involved as well. There’s me chasing Charlie to eat, Willow chasing me cause she thinks it’s a game and Charlie laughing hysterically at this new game we created.

But let’s get real. I’m a single mom, and solo or not, all moms are busy moms. I’m raising a toddler, a dog, and I work as an Actor and Content Creator. Time is tight. Time is a luxury. Especially time in the morning. And ain’t nobody, especially not me, got time to be begging and chasing Charlie to eat his food. And this my friends, is when I introduce you to the vitamin company that has saved me endless hours and saved me from many “pleasssseee eat your food Charlie, pleassseeeeeee”.

I first came across U-Cubes™ Multi Vitamins after attending a Wow Bloggers Moms Meet Event. Charlie and I where going through the goody bag and Charlie said “mom I found candy”. My first reaction was “candy? in the goody bag? from this event? that doesn’t sound right”. Charlie showed me the little sample bag, it read Sisu U-Cubes™ Multi Vitamins. The first thing I did was visit their website, you can check it out right here. As I read through the information provided, I saw that they where gluten free, GMO free and dairy free. Those are 3 things we avoid in our everyday diet and so I was super happy to see these vitamins didn’t include them.

SISU Vitamins tricked my son

The second thing that caught my eye was how natural the vitamins ingredients where. No high-fructose corn syrup, instead they are naturally sweetened with sugarcane juice and tapioca syrup. No harmful colour dyes, they use natural vegetable colours such as maqui berry, black carrot, and turmeric. Finally as a vegetarian I loved that they didn’t use animal gelatin to create this great tasting gummy. These yummy Sisu U-Cubes™ vitamins are all pectin based. At this point I let Charlie try a sample and I tried one myself. As a grown woman with a serious sweet tooth, I couldn’t believe how tasty, chewy and flavourful they were, and that they were a freakin’ vitamin! I read up on the ingredient and dosage list of the multivitamin and felt at ease when I saw that these gummies have vitamin A, vitamin B6 &12, Folic Acid, Vitamin D and Vitamin C, along with other vitamins and minerals all essential for a growing toddler. I was sold.

SISU Vitamins tricked my son

Here was a vitamin that hit all our personal dietary choices, respected animals, and also contained vitamins my finicky dude needed. I continued to browse their website and found that U-Cubes™ also come in Vitamin C and Calcium & Vitamin D. The entire line of Sisu U-Cubes™ could conveniently supplement my son’s vitamin requirements and any dietary short falls especially for those days when he’s not into eating all his food. Charlie’s doctor assured me that children will never let their bodies starve so on days when Charlie doesn’t want to eat everything, it’s totally okay. She even recommended making sure Charlie was taking a multivitamin. Now I’ve found a brand I trust, a vitamin that gets 10 stars from Charlie and 10 stars from this mommy and I’m at ease knowing that Charlie’s body is getting all the required vitamins he needs as he grows.

Wanna know the best thing. Every morning Charlie wakes up and the first thing he does is grab his Sisu U-Cubes™ vitamin bottles, brings them to me and asks me to give him his vitamins. He’s adamant about taking his supplements. Being the intelligent momma I am, I’ve used Charlie’s love for Sisu U-Cubes™ vitamins to establish a new morning routine. We sit for breakfast, vitamins in tow, and the rule is Charlie has to eat his breakfast first and then gets his yummy candies, that’s right guys, he calls his vitamins, “candy vitamins”.

SISU Vitamins tricked my son

As a busy single mom, the last thing I need is a toddler who puts up a fight when it comes to getting his daily dose of vitamins in. Thankfully with U-Cubes™ Vitamins I have one less thing to stress about in the mornings. Thanks Sisu for helping me to properly supplement my little dude and also for tricking him into loving his vitamins and eating his breakfast in the mornings. 


My fellow momma friends, if you are like me, head over to Sisu’s website and try out their U-Cubes™ line, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Xo C.