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A big boy bed experience with Endy

I’ll never forget the first sleep after Charlie was born. We had to stay over night at the hospital for observation. My birth plan had gone out the window and Charlies arrival earth side was as wild and as spontaneous as his personality is now.


The hospitals are all for skin to skin but have different views on co sleeping. They wanted Charlie to sleep in the bassinet beside me. Charlie was not having any of it and if I’m honest neither was I. The only way I could get Charlie to soothe was to cuddle him up against me. I stayed up a lot of that night just to make sure he was able to sleep and feel at ease. 


At home we tried the bassinet thing as per the hospital recommendations. It didn’t work and as every new mom knows motherly instinct kicks in and I made the choice to cosleep with him. It was the best decision ever. He slept, I slept. He was happy, I was happy.

A big boy bed experience with Endy

The plan was always to have him sleep on his own but the days turned to weeks and the weeks into months and we continued cosleeping. When he was little cosleeping was the perfect option for getting rest and also keeping an eye on him in the middle of the night and feeding him during his cluster feeds in his sleep. I could feel his every move. I could easily feed him and the bed was big enough for the both of us.

A big boy bed experience with Endy

But here’s the thing we only read about in memes. As these little humans get older and turn into toddlers they develop these magnificent acrobatic abilities when they sleep. They flip, they do 360’s their 2 feet tall bodies manage to sprawl themselves very comfortably across a queen size bed leaving the parent (or parents) with only slivers of mattress to sleep on. That’s if you’re lucky. Other times you wake up to a kick in the face or A kick to the nose that leaves you with blood running down your face before you’ve even opened up your eyes (yes this happened to me). If you’re super duper lucky you’ll wake up to a toddler butt in your face. The grand prize is those little cutesy farts released milímetros from your nose. Cosleeping with a toddler was completely different than cosleeping with a baby. Charlie slept well, fully rested and I woke up looking like an Oger who needed a gallon of coffee to survive the day.

I dreaded having the conversation about moving Charlie to his own big boy bed. As a mom I didn’t want to kick him out of the bed we had shared for his whole life. But as a single mom who was self employed and going to school, I needed my damn sleep!


We had talked about Charlie having his own big boy bed when we moved into our house back in April but it was never set in stone. Until one day during our cuddle time, right before bed, Charlie tilted his head up as he lay on my chest and said “mama I’m ready for my big boy bed now”.


My heart felt so much in that moment. Sadness, happiness, hope, relief, endings and new beginnings. I cried. Charlie was thrilled. He was finally getting his own big boy bed. And just as the universe would have it, because you know I’m a firm believer that the Universe has our back Endy and I connected and we embarked on our journey of 100 nights of better sleep, well Charlie did and I tagged along co-sleeping my way through, but in his bed this time.

The day his mattress and pillows arrived was full of firsts as a family. Charlies first Big Boy Bed. Charlie’s first time putting together his own room. My first time unpacking a mattress from a compact easy to carry box.  Most importantly it was the first night we both experienced the greatness that is an Endy Mattress.


At bedtime that night we both snuggled on his twin bed, sharing 1 pillow. I had zero intention of sleeping the night with him. (Um hello, I was already struggling to sleep well on my queen bed there was no way sharing a twin size bed with my acrobat sleeper was going to fare well. Or so I thought.) As I lay my head on the Endy Pillow I remember thinking “my god this pillow is extremely comfy”. The next morning I woke up not to a bloody nose or a kick in the face, but to Charlie’s big eyes and smile saying “hey mom you slept in my bed.” He was right. There I was all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I didn’t feel tired. I didn’t wake up in the night. I didn’t feel Charlie move 1 billion times.

A big boy bed experience with Endy
A big boy bed experience with Endy

In that twin mattress that many would consider “tiny” for two people, Endy proved their worth. I slept well. Charlie slept well. I didn’t feel him move. He didn’t wake up soaked in sweat. I didn’t wake up to a kick in the face. The rest is history. These past 100 nights have taught me that a quality mattress trumps size anytime. Charlie stills likes to move around in his sleep but not nearly as much as before. Why? Because Endy’s proprietary open cell comfort layer evenly distributes on his body to help reduce tossing and turning. The Endy mattress also drastically reduces motion transfer between the two of us so even if he decides to acrobat in his sleep all night, I don’t feel a thing.  Those are two of Endy’s major selling features, in my opinion.  After all, A rested mom is a happy mom. A rested child also equals a happy mom so basically, Endy wins all around.


There are so many reasons why I’d recommend an Endy Mattress to any mom, to any parent really. But since I can’t write a novel here are my top 3 reasons below.

1. A Canadian Brand that not only designs their product in Canada but also manufacturers their incredibly comfortable mattress in Canada.

Well that in itself is a huge bonus for me and it should be for you too. Not only does Endy support our local economy and families, they ensure only the best goes into the creation of an Endy Mattress from design to Materials. They also ship Canada wide so for all my West Coast and East Coast friends, you have zero excuses. Added Added Bonus – zero unethical working environments.

A big boy bed experience with Endy

2. From the colder winter months AKA May here in Toronto to the blistering hot months (I’m not complaining) AKA August, this mattress has provided comfort all through out. 

Endy mattresses are created with a foam that releases heat faster than other memory foams and therefore helps to create a better sleeping environment. I know this to be true because Charlie used to wake up drenched in the middle of the night from sweat and this doesn’t happened since he started sleeping on his Endy Mattress.

3.Not Mattress Related, but I’m completely obsessed with Endy pillows and Charlie is too.

Made from shredded bamboo charcoal memory foam, these pillows can be customized based on how firm or squishy you love your pillow. Endy Pillows provide comfort, support and breathability. Charlie loves his pillow super firm and I’ve removed a bit of the foam because squishy pillows are my jam. Added added bonus. The cover is machine washable. We all know every mom needs that peace of mind and the fill of the pillow is hypoallergenic great for moms and kids with sensitivities.

A big boy bed experience with Endy

I think it’s fair to say we’ll be enjoying Charlie’s Endy Mattress for years to come. 


Stay tuned for Charlies big boy bedroom reveal on our vlog where I share the unpacking and ease of the Endy Mattress and pillows.


Thats all for now folks.

xo C.