Charlene Lizette

Begin to Unlock Your Dream Life

Are you trying to free yourself from the invisible chains that seem to be holding you back from finding true alignment in your life?

Have you been asking the Universe for a sign, any sign, that you are on the right path toward success, love, happiness, fulfillment and freedom?


Well guess what, arriving here is the sign you’ve been looking for to transform your life and finally discover your life purpose, heal, attract love, and raise your vibration–ASAP!


Hello, I’m Charlene Lizette, Your Spiritual Teacher and Empowerment Coach.

If there’s one thing I know is that a spiritual awakening can feel lonely, isolating and really confusing at times. My purpose here on earth is to walk the spiritual path with you; sharing a blend of Cosmic tools and modalities to help you overcome fears, both real and percieved, and to boldly reclaim the lost parts of yourself that have always existed within your soul. As the veil of unconscious living lifts, you’ll begin to see how your connection to the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine & Mother Earth supports you in reclaiming your power & transforming your life. You, dear StarSea, are worthy of living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

As someone who practices consciousness and puts alignment on an altar, you’d think that I would have learned my lessons during my first spiritual awakening at 16, but nooo, your girlfriend, “Moi”, loves to learn things the hard way.


My own spiritual awakening journey was anything but linear or easy. It took me not one awakening, not two awakenings, but THREE spiritual awakenings to finally get the message that it was time to radically transform my life and live in alignment with my truest, highest self.


It was during my journey into single motherhood (and in full-blown Awakening #3) where I witnessed and experienced the day-to-day limitations, blockages and challenges that held me back from stepping into my true soul purpose – guiding & supporting those through their own awakening and reclamation of power.

After finally surrendering and embracing this spiritual awakening, I was intuitively guided to focus on and deepen my practice with ancient healing modalities like Tarot, Crystals, Astrology, Chakra Healing, and Akashic Records. It was time to master the modalities I first discovered in my early teens in order to align completely with my life purpose. As I began to heal, I began to understand what it means to embody love, joy, peace, confidence, happiness and the gift of being able to handle any stressful or difficult situation with wisdom, intuition, deep inner knowing with my new Divine toolkit.

You see, once I aligned my life, I learned how to accept and love myself
unapologetically and as such, my personal power was unleashed. This process
was the sacred passage to living the life that I always knew was meant for me.


I am:

  • Reiki Level 1 Certified (2020)
  • Intro to Astrology Parts 1 and 2 Certified, The Rock Store (2020)
  • Chakra Healing Practitioner Certified, Academy of Ancient Magic (2020)
  • Astrology in the Akashic Records Certified, Linda Howe Learn It Live (2020)
  • A Member of the International Association of Therapists

The Pillars of Self and The 9 Light Laws of Initiation and Soul Expression

I’m not just qualified by life experience and formal training – I elevate my teachings with a specialized approach that you’ll only find here.


That approach boils down to using my two signature Alignment tools; using The Pillars of Self as daily guidance & expression then applying the 9 Light Laws to fully embody & radiate your higher- consciousness.


The 9 Light Laws were shared with me by Spirit throughout my first and second awakening, and included nine practical rules to create space for life to flow with ease, to live in happiness and trust in the journey. I didn’t realize the sacred knowledge I had been gifted and ignored the “whispers” from the Divine Realms. It wasn’t until 19 years later in 2020, as the collective experienced their own mass awakening, that I tuned into the whispers from “behind the veil”.

While Fear plagued the world and everyone around me lived in panic and despair, I felt a peace and an inner knowing that everything was going to be alright. During this time, I was encouraged by Spirit to commit more deeply to my spiritual practice. I was told it was time for me to step up and lead – but I didn’t quite understand how. The more I mastered my relationship with my inner self and the unseen world the more my outerworld became clear and grounded. I had finally answered the call from the Universe. My entire journey of spiritual awakening had led to this powerful moment of self realization, self love and self worth.


Looking back, my last awakening was simply the final preparation I needed for helping others remember their own light and to shine bright. Inner work first. Outer work follows.

Spirit Brought You Here. Let’s Start Your Journey Together

Are you:

  • Done with feeling like nothing ever works out in
    your favour?
  • Drained by
    friendships or relationships that don’t fuel you?
  • Over-working in a job you hate just because it pays the bills?
  • Feeling “blocked” or “stuck” in your life?

You don’t have to do this alone. The life you’ve always dreamt of is within reach. All that’s left is for you to remember you are the creator of your life, the magic exists within you.

Through my cosmic one-on-one sessions, Tarot courses, and in-depth Align Course, we use multiple spiritual healing modalities, in collaboration with the Pillars of Self and the 9 Light Laws to re-illuminate your limitless potential and power. Each of my comprehensive, compassionate teachings are offered 100% virtually–because there is nothing more valuable than bettering yourself on a timeline that aligns with your specific wants and needs.

Across my social media channels you’ll find inspiring educational content and information on energy, source consciousness, spirituality, crystals, chakras, tarot, healing techniques, and so much more–but real development begins with guided action steps while working together.

FYI, This ‘Light’ I talk about, it exists within you too; it exists in all of us despite most people never truly acknowledging their full potential and power. If you choose to answer the call from the Universe, it would be my honor to walk alongside you and be your guide when you’re ready to “remember” who you truly are.


You have arrived and you are limitless.