Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Charlene Lizette

Most humans operate with compassion, love and forgiveness. When those we are connected to or love make a mistake, we want to believe that they didn’t mean it. That it was a mistake. That they hear and understand how much their actions hurt. That they feel remorse for hurting us and are actively learning how to be better versions of themselves. Unfortunately, toxic people prey on that compassion, love and forgiveness knowing that the more their atrocious actions are forgiven, the more they will be able to get away with.

SISU Vitamins tricked my son

SISU Vitamins tricked my son

For the busy mom with the finicky or picky eater this one is for you.

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Charlie you will know he is funny, wild, always on the go and ready to play. He’s a sweet, caring, thoughtful, confident little boy who is often super independent for his age. What you probably don’t know is that meal time in our house is sometimes an obstacle course full of me begging “please sit down and eat your food”, “you only need 3 more bites”, “c’mon buddy food helps to keep your body strong so you can play” etc etc. It doesn’t matter if we are at a restaurant, a friends house or our own house. Eating in Charlie’s world is boring and not necessary, DUH, there’s clearly so many more cool things to do and discover in this world that are far more fun than sitting down to eat. That’s how Charlie sees it anyway.